5.5 Pre-Usage Choreography

The standard also supports a pre-usage process (also known as a "pre-claim process") in which a Licensor and a Licensee share information that enables the establishment of Right Share claims for all Musical Works in which that Licensor has an interest, before the Licensee sends a DSR (or equivalent) Message that reports usages to the Licensor. Hence, both Licensee and Licensor should have, disputes notwithstanding, a common understanding of the Right Share claims of all Musical Works used in which that Licensor has an interest.

A pre-usage Claim Detail Message may be sent in direct reply to a DSR (or equivalent) Message without usage information or based on other, typically contractual, triggers.

This process is a subset of the process depicted in Clause 5.1 and therefore this standard permits a Claim Detail Message to be sent by a Licensor to a Licensee without any financial calculations or invoice information.