5.3 Retractions and Replacements

Licensors that have sent a Claim Detail Message in error may completely retract this Claim Detail Message by sending a second Claim Detail Message marked as a retraction in the MessageType cell of the Header Record. In the Header Record of the retraction, the RelatedCDM cell shall contain the MessageId of the Claim Detail Message that is to be retracted and with the MessageCreatedDateTime shall indicate the date and time that the retraction message was created. Other than the Header Record, the retraction message shall only contain a Footer Record. This applies to Claim Detail Messages sent in response to a DSR (or equivalent) Message as well as for Claim Detail Message not based on a DSR (or equivalent) Message (see also Clause 5.5).

The Licensor may then follow-up this retraction with a further Claim Detail Message that replaces the erroneous Claim Detail Message, as orignally sent. All three message shall have unique MessageIds.

If a Licensor wishes to retract a corrected Claim Detail Message, it must first retract all Claim Detail Messages previously sent that were corrected by the Claim Detail Message it wishes to retract before retracting that particular Claim Detail Message.

If a Licensor wishes to correct parts of a Claim Detail Message, the process described in Clause 5.4 must be used.

Unless specifically indicating otherwise, Retractions of Claim Detail Messages are considered to be Claim Detail Messages themselves.

Claim Detail Discrepancy Notifications cannot be retracted.