5.2 Relationship between Sales/Usage Report and Claim Detail Messages

Claim Detail Messages, when sent in the post-usage choreography, are send in response to a single DSR (or equivalent) Messages. As a consequence, a Claim Detail Message shall contain claim and, potentially also, invoice information with respect to this one DSR (or equivalent) Message only. It is permissible, however, to send multiple Claim Detail Messages in response to a single DSR (or equivalent) Message.

If a DSR (or equivalent) Message contains multiple Sales Contexts, each of the corresponding Claim Detail Messages must have the same or a subset of contexts.

Only if a Claim Detail Message is in response to a DSR (or equivalent) Message, will the Claim Detail Message contain claim and invoice information. In cases where a Claim Detail Message is not based on a DSR (or equivalent) Message, the Claim Detail Message will only contain claim information (see also Clause 5.5).